Two Minds

Two Minds 72dpi

Lyell Castonguay
Two Minds
Woodcut print on paper
24″ x 24″
Edition of 22
$1,350 unframed/$1,800 framed

Two Minds is derived from my observations of society finches.  Their differing traits, aggression and civility, balance the confined environment that they cohabit.  Two contrasting personalities share a single body.  Intricately carved feathers of ocher and light brown are illuminated against an emerald green wood grain background.  I used three separate hand carved woodblocks to print Two Minds.

DSC06252 Two Minds 2 Two Minds 3 Two Minds 4 Two Minds 5 Two Minds 6 Two Minds 7 Two Minds 8 Two Minds 9