Fleeting Longings


Lyell Castonguay
Fleeting Longings, 2017
Woodcut print on paper
11″ x 15″
Edition of 15
$350 unframed/$500 framed

Liz Chalfin of Zea Mays Printmaking invited fifteen artists to respond to a poem by poet, author, and educator Annie Rogers (click Ms. Rogers name to view a PDF of the complete poem).  The resulting portfolio entitled “Traces” was featured at the 2016 E/AB Fair located at The Tunnel in NYC.  My response was related to the structure of the stanzas.  I interpreted a shifting viewpoint in the narrator as he or she collages personal memories together to form the poem.  Similarly my piece collages elements of bluejay wings, seen from different angles, to tell an ambiguous story.  I enjoyed this project because it allowed me the freedom to experiment with a birds textures, colors, and patterning without the context of a bird’s face or feet.

This shot depicts the first carved block ready to run through the etching press.
The first color layer being revealed on the paper after being put through the press.
The first color layer gradient.
The third layer with color gradient, wood grain background, and cobalt blue wing under printing.