Hybrid Two

Lyell Castonguay
Hybrid Two, 2017
Woodcut print on paper
12″ x 12″
Edition of 15
$525 unframed/$650 framed


Birds are a living canvas of color, texture, and pattern. Castonguay’s Hybrid Series explores the beauty of avian plumage through an ongoing series of elaborately composed relief prints. By removing the individual distinguishing features of each species, the artist is able to juxtapose elements to create abstract-infused compositions.

Castonguay pushes the limits of traditional relief by using overlaid colors that blend into one another as if a painting and is unlike the typical visual qualities associated with woodblock. The result is a body of work that neither closely aligns with the source of Castonguay’s inspiration nor relinquishes to pure abstraction. Instead, the images occupy the blurred boundaries of the literal and the imagined.