Turbulent Flow

Lyell Castonguay
Turbulent Flow
Woodblock print
Image: 48″ x 24″, Paper: 52″ x 29″
Edition of 5
$2,500 unframed/$3,000 framed

Turbulent Flow is a visual representation of the natural world attempting to adapt to modern human activity. In this image, a plane dwarfs the landscape and partially blots out a murmuration of birds.   The plane, while engulfed in the avian maelstrom, does not waver as it climbs into the sky.  Castonguay chose to render the plane with minimal detail and at a three quarter profile.  As a result the orientation of the plane can be seen two ways.  The plane either advances towards the viewer with the cockpit and wings preceding the tail or, conversely, the plane recedes into space with the tail and wings preceding the cockpit.