Release Date: 2019
Edition: 8
Proofs: 1
Image: 36″x24″ (excluding paper margins)


I used one of his favorite birds of prey, the Peregrine Falcon, to inspire Eclipse. The subject’s tufted eyebrows, contrasted by piercing eyes and distinctive cheek markings, add a hint of humor to an otherwise deadly avian personality. Holding the title “earth’s fastest animal” should give the Peregrine quite an ego! Playing around with this idea leads me to a tightly cropped composition in which the subject’s head is so gigantic it blots out the sun. Like many of my other images, this piece was executed as an ink drawing and then meticulously carved as a woodblock.


This original artwork was designed, carved, and printed by Lyell Castonguay.  Ink is applied to a carved wooden block and hand-pressed onto Thai Mulberry Paper.  The artwork is signed, titled, and numbered in pencil by the artist.

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