Familiar Territory


Release Date: 2023
Edition: 14
Proofs: 1
Image Size: 10″x8″
Paper: Moon Peach Japanese Washi


Each sheet of paper has randomly distributed bark inclusions. The artwork is signed in pencil by the artist.

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Do you love Corvids?  If so, you’ll admire my woodblock print, Familiar Territory.

Crows are a regular part of rural life, thriving where I live.  I frequently hear them outside calling back and forth to each other in the tall pines and see them sweeping the agricultural lands for food.  One day, I saw a group walking among dandelions in a hayfield.  The visual inspired me to create this artwork.  I titled the piece Familiar Territory because crows quickly adapt to their surroundings, and their extended family groups are numerous.

This artwork was created using the ancient art of woodblock printing, which originated in Asia.  Ink is applied to one or more carved wooden blocks and hand-pressed onto paper.   Multiple carved blocks layer colors, resulting in a dramatic effect.  Please visit my About page for more information.