Hide and Seek


Release Date: 2021
Image: 12″x9″ (including paper margins)


This woodblock print depicts mice running in and around a Swiss cheese wedge.  It illustrates the classic myth that mice are crazy for the curd. Well, it turns out these critters can be picky eaters. If given a choice, mice would rather eat grains or fruit. Still, it’s satisfying to see a mouse get the cheese. It’s an example of the little guy catching a break. As the saying goes, “Every dog has its day,” instead, every mouse gets a bite!


This original artwork was designed, carved, and printed by Lyell Castonguay. Ink is applied to a carved wooden block and hand-pressed onto Japanese Chiri. Chiri has randomly distributed bark pieces sprinkled throughout, so every sheet of paper is unique. The artwork is signed in pencil by the artist.

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