Date: 2022
Size: 12″x9″ (including margins)


I enjoy creating avian-inspired critters because of my six pet birds.  They fly about the studio, getting into mischief and providing inspiration whenever needed.  Pom-Pom began as a sketch of two eyes and a beak.  After reviewing several ideas for illustrating the body, I carried over a texture I’d developed for a previous image, Two Minds.  Repeating patterns are naturally calming, so I designed the feathers to radiate around the face, drawing the view back to the center of the picture.  The pillow-shaped body comically contrasts the intimidating talons, so Pom-Pom has attitude!


This original artwork was designed, carved, and printed by Lyell Castonguay.  Ink is applied to a carved wooden block and hand-pressed onto Japanese Chiri. Chiri has randomly distributed bark pieces sprinkled throughout, so every sheet of paper is unique.  The artwork is signed in pencil by the artist.

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