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The Water Keeps What Is Lost


Date: 2020
Edition: 28
Proofs: 10
Size: 12″x9″ (excluding margins)


Fishing was an integral part of my childhood.  I’d cast along the shore while floating in my uncle’s fishing boat.  I lost tackle during these excursions, but he never gave it much consideration.  I’d tie another line and keep casting.  Eventually, I learned that water keeps everything. Those lost bobbers are out there somewhere.  I used Maine’s own Cassie – The Casco Bay Sea Serpent to illustrate the perils of plastic that’s left behind.


This original artwork was designed, carved, and printed by Lyell Castonguay.  Ink is applied to a carved wooden block and hand-pressed onto Strathmore 300 Series Paper.  Multiple carved blocks layer colors, resulting in a dramatic effect.  The artwork is signed, titled, and numbered in pencil by the artist.

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